120 Inch Cable Sleeve, Flexible Cord Bundler Wire Wrap Cable Management System for Office and PC-Black



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Product Description

cable managementcable management

MOSOTECH Cable Sleeve – An Easy Home Improvement Tip – Hide and Protect the Wires – Create a Clean and Neat Room


How many wires, plugs and other miscellaneous items do you have lurking about in the back of some drawer? Why not organize them properly, once and for all? All you need is some Cabe Tidy Sleeve.


You may have the perfect setup, fully equipped with top-of-the-line monitors, desks, and gaming gadgets, but none of that matters if it looks messy and unkempt. Organizing your cables can take your setup from amateur mess to full-blown professional sleek. A neat and tidy space will help you focus and increase productivity. Organize and Hide up all the mess with MOSOTECH cable management sleeve.

Home Improvement With MOSOTECH Cable Sleeve: You may encounter some troubles in life: An ugly look of TV wires? Do messy wires bring some safety hazards? The cables strewn on the floor tripped your kid? Your curious Pet chewing your electrical wires? Everything is solved with VoJoPi Cable Tidy Tube! Our Cable sleeve is made of PP material, flexible, durable and Insulated, which can cover and protect the wires well.

2 Size Cable Sleeve For Different Need: MOSOTECH cable management system comes with 2 x 60″ cable sleeve, the bigger one is 1.03″ in diameter( hold up 7-9 cables) while the smaller one is 0.87″ in diameter, can hold up 3-6 cables. Also, you can cut it for different pieces to meet your needs! Please note: the smaller one is hidden in the larger one, split them before use!


60″ Cable Management Sleeve x 2

Cable Guide Clip x 1

Please note that the small one is hidden in the larger one, please split them before use!

diy length cable sleeve

diy length cable sleeve

cable wrap

cable wrap

wire cover

wire cover

DIY Cutting Length

Cut into multi-sleeves: Flexible material allows DIY cutting length, you can cut these management sleeves randomly to meet your need.

Super length – 60 inch per sleeve, 120 inch in total

Stylish Black Color: It’s a simple, convenient solution for managing all of the cables behind your TV, computer, home theater, hi-fi systems, gaming consoles, etc. Black stylish color of our sleeves will match any home decor.

Pre-made Hole

Unique Design: Small gap along the sleeve is designed for heat dissipation and stick out the wires where it needed! Cover and Hide the wires not only for a clean look but also to prevent wires from aging or chewing by pets.

Huge Difference, Small Cost

Bundle up all the ugly cables: Perfect cable management solution which allows you to clean-up, wrap up all the tangled mess.

Stay away from potential dangers: Whether you are at a computer desk with a lot of perip,herals, or even a fully decked out home theatre, the Mosotech Cable Management Sleeves solve your obsession.

easy to useeasy to use

cord management

cord management

wire hider

wire hider

tv pc computer wire management

tv pc computer wire management

Black color is available to match any black or light background
The cord concealer is essential for keeping your baby from hazards and protecting your wires from being chewed by a curious pet, bringing you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment
The pre-made hole is for easy sticking out the cords without cutting; Flexible material allows DIY length, you can cut these management sleeves randomly to meet your need
Fast cable cover solutions with the guide tool, Wrap the cable management sleeves around your cords and within a few seconds you can enjoy a tidy and lovable living/working environment


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